Des Moines, Iowa


Though not a tough club to join we are selective. Seriously, the only restriction to joining The Breakfast Club, Inc. is that you're not already in the same profession as a current member. You're a residential Realtor - we've got one of those. However, we do have openings for many other professions. Though primarily a social club, we acknowledge that business does transpire between members and this is the best way to keep it equitable. Download a flyer about our Club here.

How To Join
Prospective members usually attend a meeting at the invitation of a current member. Don't know a current member, but would still like to check us out? Contact our Membership Chair, Wayne Bruns and he'll be your "ticket" to an upcoming meeting.

If we haven't scared you off and you'd still like to become a member, we'll need you to complete the Member Application form and return it to your sponsoring member. We'll then vote on your membership at our next regular meeting. That's all there is to it. Oh yeah, except for the dues of $125 per quarter. However, that fee includes all your breakfasts and our annual Holiday Party.

Who's In The Club?
As a member of the Club, you're entitled to a full membership roster in Acrobat PDF format. Keeping this up to date is always a trick, but it's worth it to quickly be able to contact another Breakfast Club, Inc. member. Click here to bring up a login screen to give you access to this file.

What Do Others Do?
In an effort to get to know a bit more about each others' professions we'e created a business detail page. For member who would like to tell a little bit about their businesses, all they have to do is complete the Business Detail form and submit it (with a digital or traditional photo) to our Secretary and web master Steve Vaught and viola, it's up on the web site - when he gets around to it.

Go ahead, click here to go to the Business Detail page - you know you want to.